Jumat, 29 Mei 2015

Making the Pie Susu The Very Easy

Making the Pie Susu The Very Easy - Until recently, I myself was not yet know for sure the origins of this tasty cake milk. Some claimed that the cake is also known denagn Egg Tart comes from abroad and brought to Indonesia. Many who claim possessed milk pie recipes tasty and savory. But at its core, all wearing the same materials and how to make her milk is the same Pie

Indeed, each seller has an ingredient specifically to make it like no other. For that, you could try his own creation to get more delicious and savory. If you do not like sweet, its as good as some of the ingredients that contain sugar levels quite large, like Sweetened Condensed Milk can be slightly reduced. Or you want to try a new flavor? Flavorings such as chocolate, cheese, durian or else be put into her for a more interesting flavor variations.

If you have been on holiday in Bali may already be familiar, or at least never know the food on this one. Or if your friend runs out of Bali, Bali's original food usually does not escape from the shopping list for souvenirs. Pie Milk is the most favorite food for the tourists who were vacationing in Bali. Milk pie or cake pie or also commonly referred to as egg tart has a sweet taste and crispy and tasty and packed in a practical course. Easy to get a piece of pie milk when you were in Bali because at some point the central souvenirs there must be something to sell. But you need to be careful, because not all milk pie that has a good quality. Some are even found to have expired. So you should buy in a totally guaranteed quality.

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